Joe tells Henry he's received a call from Ed Hathersage inviting him to America to help him look at farms, but he's refused due to Annie and Sam being on holiday. Harold talks to Jack about Esmarelda, he expresses his unease that she doesn't tend to make plans for her future. Judy offers her assistance at The Woolpack while Amos goes to the doctors. He speaks to Judy about the noises in The Woolpack. She teases him that it could be the death watch beetle. Amos is worried. Matt asks Joe if he would have liked to go to America and he admits he would. Esmarelda watches Jack from outside The Woolpack and sees him go inside. She follows him across and acts surprised when she sees him in there. Jack has a private word with her. Arriving back home later, Jack offers to help Matt run the farm while Joe goes to America.


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