Richard gives Joe some training on the forestry. Amos begins sorting the Christmas decorations at The Woolpack. The villagers get a shock when Tom Merrick turns up in The Woolpack. Amos snoops as to why he's back in the village and he coolly reveals he's paying Pat a visit. Seth makes fun of Sam's work for the church crib. He asks Sam if he wants to buy any pheasants for Christmas - all above board as gamekeeper's perks, but adds that Richard doesn't know about it. Richard is surprised Amos isn't making more of an effort in the pub for Christmas. Tom takes great pleasure in winding Amos up in The Woolpack. Donald gets a visit from Father Padraic Flynn. He tells Donald he's retiring from the Hotten Council of Churches and wants him to take over the job. Pat, Jackie and Sandie get a shock when Tom walks into their caravan.


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