Joe tells Jack he's in charge of Christmas tree transport at NY Estates. Tom has dinner with Pat, Jackie and Sandie. After they've ate, Pat sends the kids out and asks Tom what he's there for. Jack brings up Joe's new venture over dinner and they snipe at each other over Richard wanting to send Joe on a forestry course. Tom tells Pat that she's made her point that she can survive with the kids on their own, but she should return home now. He kisses her, but she insists they're still separated. They row and he storms out. Amos keeps a watchful eye over a customer in The Woolpack he thinks is suspicious, his opinion doesn't change when he finds out he's a friend of Tom's - Derek Warner. They slope off to steal Christmas trees from the Home Farm plantation. Richard's words get Amos going all out with Christmas decorations for The Woolpack, being spurred on further when he hears from Tom that The Malt Shovel are making an effort to decorate too. Sandie asks Jackie if she thinks Pat and Tom will get back together. He thinks Pat's told Tom to get lost. Jack's concerned when Annie keeps getting pains in her knee. Joe discovers from Richard that around twenty trees have been stolen over night from the plantation and others have been damaged.


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  • The Woolpack - Public bar and backroom
  • Emmerdale Farm - Farmhouse kitchen/living room, yard, cowshed and milking shed
  • Unknown caravan site
  • Unknown woodland
  • Unknown road
  • Unknown field

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Sandie Merrick: (to Jackie Merrick) "I don't know why you prefer 'otten to Beckindale, you stay here long enough you could get a job as a village idiot."


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