Christmas is over, a new year has begun and Sam has taken down the Christmas decorations at Twelfth Night, as he always does. Jack receives a letter from a friend he knew in Rome, Ian Probert, who is coming for a visit. Jack is not all that enthusiastic due to the timing, but Annie is adamant that there will always be a warm welcome for friends at Emmerdale Farm. Seth visits Helen Eacott who lives alone on a remote farm. He thinks she should advertise for some help, but instead she makes him step in and help her. Amos is thrilled to be invited to a New Year's shoot by Sir Hugh Lomas. Annie is worried that Dolly is taking on too much work to compensate for Joe's absence, and advises her to not let Jack and Matt take advantage of her. Sam can see that there is more troubling Annie and she reveals that she has received a letter from the hospital. She is due for surgery in a few weeks. Amos gets annoyed when Seth sits in The Woolpack and hardly orders anything. Henry then reveals that Meg has cut down on Seth's spending. Amos wants Seth to help him improve his shooting, which Seth immediately uses to get a free pint. Sergeant MacArthur tells Richard and Joe that the police have caught the men who stole Christmas trees from Home Farm - Derek Warner and Tom Merrick. Joe later reveals this news at Emmerdale Farm.


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