Seth is approached by a stranger asking for directions to Emmerdale Farm. The stranger introduces himself as Ian Probert, a friend of Jack Sugden, so Seth shows him how to drive. Jack puts on a smiling face when Ian shows up, but he immediately charms both Dolly and Annie before Jack takes him on a tour of the farm. Donald is visited by Father Padraic Flynn from Robblesfield who wants to talk to him about Donald becoming chairman of the council of churches. Annie sits Dolly down and tells her to slow down and not run herself into the ground trying to replace Joe. She then tells her about her upcoming surgery. Dolly promises to ease up a little. Father Padraic visits Donald again, this time to talk about one of his parishioners, Derek Warner, who is being charged with stealing Christmas trees together with Tom Merrick. Amos is talking about buying a dishwasher, ever since Seth mentioned he might be getting one. Henry promises to think about it. Helen pops in at The Woolpack and is surprised to hear about Joe's new job at NY Estates. Seth continues to use Amos' need of shooting practice to get free beer. Joe is upset to learn about Annie's surgery. He feels a bit left out since everyone knew before he did. Helen asks Jack to help her fix her broken tractor, and also with writing an advert to go into the Hotten Courier. She visits Annie at the farm and they talk about Annie's surgery and Helen reveals that she is going to advertise for someone to help her on her farm, since she is feeling that it is becoming to much for her to cope with on her own.


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