Ian is keen to help out at the farm, so Jack and Matt appoints him the task of mucking out. Tensions are running high in the Merrick family. Jackie and Sandie are worried about Tom, and Jackie takes his frustration out on Pat. Ian tells Jack that his father wants to retire and expects Ian to take over the family business, but he's not really interested. He's more interested in living in the country, so Jack, half-jokingly, tells him about Helen Eacott looking for someone to help out at her farm. Sam is concerned about gossip in the village regarding Jack and Pat after Tom's arrest, but Annie is not worried. Amos is getting ready for his first shooting lesson with Seth, and Henry can't resist teasing him. Jack and Ian visits Helen, and while Jack works on her tractor Helen shows Ian around the farm. Joe visits Annie and they talk about her surgery. He assures her that he will be available to help out at the farm if they need him. Amos' first lesson with Seth is hardly a resounding success. To start with he has bought the wrong kind of clay pigeons, much to Seth's amusement. Ian hints to Helen that he might be interested in helping her at the farm, but she doesn't think he has what it takes. He has a romantic view of life on a farm that is far from the harsh reality. Seth has been brewing his own beer at home, but Meg doesn't like it, so he brings it to Emmerdale Farm, where he and Sam accidentally spills it all. Jack and Joe discuss Tom Merrick. Jack is concerned about Pat and her children, and wonders if Joe could do anything about the charges. Joe becomes upset that Jack seems to know more about this than he lets on, and questions where his loyalty lies...


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