Jack returns from London, while Nicholas gets an art critic to look at David's paintings.


Jack returns from London and is dropped off outside The Woolpack and heads inside. Amos explains to him about David's paintings. Phelps looks over more of his paintings at the millhouse; he states he's been in touch with Angus Seddon, an art critic. Phelps likes David's work but seems to be out for himself. Gwen tells Jack she's been using Frank's fire to weld bracelets. Annie becomes annoyed with the noise of Joe's motorbike. The archaeological dig is on hold for a few days while Winthrop is in London. Annie worries when Joe mentions taking the motorbike for a test run tonight. David is secretive when Jack talks to him about his paintings. He manages to annoy Gwen when he has no time to look at her bracelets; she goes off to show Jack. Phelps arranges a meeting with Angus Seddon and asks Amos to keep quiet about it. Joe is suspicious when Annie goes off to the village in her Sunday best. Phelps asks David to sign a document giving the brewery the right to exhibit his pictures in their pubs before they are sold and have first call on any of them. He gives him twenty pounds on account; David signs. Annie criticizes Joe for drinking and driving. Annie's bought a plant from the local nursery. Amos questions her about Tom Raistrick, the man in charge of the nursery, he fishes for information. David and Gwen argue about his paintings. Phelps passes on the news that he's got Seddon interested.


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