Chas, Bob and Brenda are in the court awaiting Cameron's hearing. Bob reassures Brenda that she can go if she is having second thoughts, but Brenda wants to be there for Nikhil and Molly. Chas also steels herself for the ordeal of seeing Cameron face the charges. Later, as Brenda, Kerry and Bob all leave the courtroom, Brenda is worried as she spat at Cameron. Although Kerry thinks she did the right thing, Brenda worries if she could be now done for contempt of court. They discuss Cameron's plea as Chas follows them out, explaining how Cameron had just asked where Debbie was. Meanwhile, Rhona sees Paddy and Chas together and is surprised at their closeness. She's hurt to realise that Chas knows everything. Later, Paddy is taken aback when he sees Rhona with some pills. Rhona is desperate as she insists she has not taken any, but Paddy is betrayed and she is wracked with guilt. Could this be the end of their marriage? Elsewhere, Amy is uneasy that Val is getting carried away, buying things for Kyle including a trike. Val urges Amy to have Kyle tomorrow. Amy wonders how she's going to convince Joanie. Also, Cain is torn about whether to stay with Debbie or go to France with Moira, while Kerry lies to Brenda, telling her about Gennie coming into her dreams.


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