As David's friends and the Sugdens celebrate his birthday, he reveals that he and Gwen have decided to return to Cardiff that day.


The girls worry when David doesn't return home after his walk. Jack ponders whether he may have gotten lost on the moors. He and Gwen go looking for him in the freezing cold. They are unable to find him and start to return home. David arrives back at the millhouse drunk. Penny is angry with him as she tells him that Jack and Gwen are on the moors looking for him. They arrive home an hour later to find him asleep. The following day, Frank manages to start Joe's motorbike first time. Janie offers to make Gwen a cake at short notice for a friend's birthday. Janie mentions a birthday to Joe and he rushes off thinking that it's Penny's birthday. Bess has run off again and Annie and Sam are out looking for her as Henry guards the Sunday roast. They arrive back with Jack and Joe and all sit down to dinner together, talking about the birthday. They decide to hold an impromptu party. Annie decides to make a cake, while Janie has just finished baking hers. Everyone arrives at the millhouse and they find out it's David's birthday, he's astounded. They laugh as they realise they have two sponge cakes. David and Gwen talk and announce that they're moving back to Cardiff. Henry asks if he can buy one of his paintings, the one of the abbey he was talking to Seddon about. Jack is sad about Gwen leaving.


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