Amos tries to find a new barmaid for The Woolpack but to no avail. Joe considers selling his motorbike as Penny has gone.


Joe thinks about selling his motorbike now Penny's gone. Janie has told Reverend Ruskin that she wants to put on a play; she encourages Carol to go and see Joe at Emmerdale Farm. Amos keeps receiving enquiries for the barmaid position; Henry has agreed to help Amos interview candidates. Annie plans to go out again. Henry asks her if she sees him as a permanent fixture at the farmhouse but she evades the question. Jack is having difficulty writing at the millhouse. Matt calls to see him, Jack tells him he doesn't feel involved in his work anymore. He quizzes Matt on Tom Raistrick and decides to go and see him. Amos finds fault with all the barmaids. The last applicant, Margaret Drinkwater, ticks all their boxes and Amos warms to her. However, she's offended to find that Amos isn't married and leaves. Matt mentions to Joe that Annie may marry again one day, they both think Henry is the prime candidate but Jack thinks it will be Tom Raistrick. Dr. Scott tells Sam she'd like to meet Jack, she realises she already has when he arrives at the farm. Amos worries about being reported to the brewery. Jack takes Dr. Scott back to the millhouse, but it turns awkward when they find Annie there. She is annoyed with Jack for going to see Tom. She wants to know why he went, he says it was curiosity. She seems upset. Janie and Carol visit the farmhouse to buy some eggs. Annie works out that Carol is interested in Joe. Janie and Carol forget to take their eggs with them. Carol finds Joe in The Woolpack, she asks him if he would like to be in the bazaar play but he turns it down. Amos gets a worrying call from the brewery.


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Amos Brearly: "Beautiful women queuing up at t'door, that's what you said. Queuing up they may be, but I've seen better looking women in t'Chamber of Horrors.

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