Jackie is looking forward to joining the army and getting away from Beckindale. Donald worries that he's doing it for the wrong reasons. Dolly has had a false alarm about the baby coming, but is back home. Amos has decided to stop drinking and Henry wonders if he's feeling alright. Pat is helping Sandie prepare for a party she and Jackie are having at Emmerdale Farm. They've invited Jane and Andy. Annie and Sam will be going to church, while Jack and Pat while be spending the evening with Matt, Dolly and Joe. Annie asks Alan about his plans for Christmas, and invites him to the farm if he's alone. He's grateful, but says he's going to some friends in Scotland. When Joe drives up to the farm he almost hits some sheep on the road. Jack, Matt and Pat join him in trying to get them back into their enclosure, while Dolly stays at home resting. Jackie and Jane are enjoying themselves but he notices that Sandie is acting strange, which she denies. Suddenly Dolly goes into labor. Jackie decides that the only thing to do is drive her to the hospital, even though he has no licence. Sandie goes with them, while Jane and Andy go out looking for Matt. Jackie and Sandie get Dolly to the hospital just in time. Joe calls Amos who has to leave Seth in charge at the Woolpack while he runs off to get Annie, Sam and Henry from church. Dolly has a healthy baby boy just before Matt arrives at the hospital.


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