Seth complains as Henry gives him a chain to keep his glasses from falling off. When Amos tries to get involved, Seth winds him up. Donald calls the farm to see if he can find Jackie, but only gets Jack, who is still trying to prove he can write a poem about bacon. Pat tells Jack that she's sure Sandie is pregnant and not telling her, and that she's upset by Sandie being in the same position she was after Jackie was conceived. Annie arrives and when Jack privately talks to her, she admits Sandie is pregnant, but had sworn her to secrecy. Donald is annoyed when daughter Barbara arrives home from a drink with Joe, as she hadn't made more effort to let him know she was visiting, and she'd stayed alone with Jackie while he was gone. Clifford visits the farm and mentions that Sandie and Andy have fallen out, leaving Jack and Matt to realise Andy is probably the father. Annie encourages Sandie to tell her mother. Sandie can't face the idea after she spies Clifford, and runs off. Jackie sees her and follows. She confides that she's pregnant and insists she won't tell anyone who the father is. Jackie tries to talk to Donald about the matter, but when Donald says he's busy, he goes to Longthorn Farm and, after a brief confrontation, gives Andy a beating. Sandie admits to Pat that she is expecting a baby. Pat is devastated, and pleads with her to have an abortion.


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