Jack and Jackie wait in the cold barn for the rustlers. Jack sends a bored Jackie to get some soup, via The Woolpack for whiskey. Amos ponders whether there may be something brewing between Joe and Barbara. Seth rushes into the pub and announces he's seen the rustlers van heading up to Emmerdale land. Jackie rushes back to the farm with Seth and Joe as Alan goes to call the police. Jack sees the rustlers arrive at Emmerdale and confronts one of them with his shotgun. The rustler shouts out to his mates and they scarper leaving the first rustler behind. As they drive off a fight breaks out between Jack and the rustler and the shotgun is knocked from his hand. As the rustler pins Jack to the ground, Jack grabs hold of a stone and cracks the rustler over the head with it. He falls to the floor. The police arrive at the farm and an ambulance is called for the rustler. Sgt. MacArthur tells Jack he shouldn't have got involved.


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