Amy tries to play matchmaker between Henry and Alison while Carol plays with Joe's heart.


Janie is still angry with Frank for taking the Sugdens to The Woolpack so soon after the funeral; she thinks it was disrespectful. Henry talks to Jack about Matt. Jack thinks that Henry has got ideas for Emmerdale Farm to join a federation. Henry thinks Jack's behind the times. Janie and Carol look after Sam and Sally at Emmerdale Farm; Carol flirts with Joe. Amos receives a letter from Gower International, the company trying to take over the brewery, they invite him to take part in a course in hotel management in York. Henry thinks this is a clever ploy to impress shareholders. Amy tries to match-make between Alison and Henry. Matt talks to Jack about his writing career though Jack isn't that confident in himself anymore. Janie fishes for information from Carol about her and Joe. She considers leaving to do teacher training. They talk about sex and Carol worries about how to say no. Jack receives a letter from a man named Lodz, he phones him up and arranges a meeting. Joe is puzzled when Carol walks out of The Woolpack as soon as he walks in.


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