It's time for the Christmas concert, and final preparations are under way. Alan meanwhile, is still having trouble with his computer, and it's beginning to frustrate him. He spends a lot of time drinking in The Woolpack, pretending that he's very busy over the holidays. At the concert Sam is accompanying a children's choir on his flute while Pat and Dolly are a great success with a tap-dancing routine. Seth, who's had a little too much to drink plays the piano, and then upsets Amos by interrupting one of Amos' jokes and upstaging him. During all this Alan sits alone at Home Farm, drinking in front of the television. He calls his wife, but his son Terence tells him she's gone out to a party. Some of Jackie's friends, including Archie, perform as The Gyrotechnics, but during their performance the power goes out. After the concert everyone gathers at The Woolpack. Amos is fuming over Seth. Jack surprises Pat with the announcement that he's taking her to Aberdeen over The New Year's celebration to visit Sandie.


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