Amos is acting very strangely, which worries Henry. Matt, on the other hand, has other worries. He's being sued for taking Mowlam's dog, and must think about getting a solicitor. He won't even consider giving the dog back though. Jackie, Archie and Mike sneak up to the quarry and take a motorbike, which they will use as a bargaining tool to get their money from Mowlam. Jock tries to talk to Alan about a job, but Alan insists there are no vacancies. Henry discusses Amos' odd behaviour with Annie and Sam. He later accidentally finds a bottle of prescription pills in a drawer. Alan reprimands John, and warns him about interfering with the job situation at Home Farm. Alan then gets another call from Christopher Meadows. He lies that he's already sent the material he wanted, and blames the postal services. He promises to send copies. Matt tries to talk to Mowlam, but it's useless. Henry confronts Amos about the pills he found. He worries that Amos will become addicted and suggests a stay at a health farm instead. Amos refuses to go, but agrees to stop taking the pills.


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