After Amos has stopped taking the pills his mood is back to normal, but he won't hear of going to a health farm. Christopher is becoming impatient waiting for the material he wants from Home Farm, and Alan is feeling the pressure. Dolly, Annie and Pat goes to town for a day of shopping. Mowlam just laughs at Jackie, Archie and Mike when they want their money in exchange for the motorbike. Mowlam tells them to keep the bike as payment. John and Jock go to Emmerdale Farm to talk to Matt about him working for Home Farm. John manages to get Jock to try a more reasonable approach and it works. Matt agrees to quit his job. He was getting tired of working for Alan anyway. Jack is glad to hear the news too. Jackie thinks he can fix up the bike so they can sell it and earn some money. Alan doesn't take Matt's decision well at all. The pressure he's under makes him drink more than he should. Amos changes his mind and agrees to go to the health farm, but he swears Henry to secrecy.


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