George sells Rose Cottage and informs Charlie that he will have new landlords. Matt finds a parcel delivered to Peggy, and discovers it's a gift for him.


Joe has decided to keep his motorbike now he has someone to use it with. Barney delivers the post to the farm; there is a parcel for Peggy. Annie is upset. George discovers Proctor has left the area. Mark worries his parents will disown him. He plans to get a job and Verney offers to give him an allowance from the sale of two cottages, one of them being Charlie Nelson's. Carol has a new hairstyle, she helps Annie with the washing. Joe has seen the cottages up for sale. He receives notification of his motorbike retest. Charlie is rude to Alison in the shop. Jack plans to visit him but Carol warns him not to. Jack calls at Rose Cottage, but receives no answer from Charlie. Annie avoids giving Matt Peggy's parcel. Mark doesn't want to accept the money from the cottages, he tells Verney he would prefer to have it as a loan. Charlie answers the door when when George calls to Rose Cottage. George is astounded at the state of the place but covers it up. He tells Charlie that he will have a new landlord and neighbours but he'll just pay rent to them rather than him. Matt finds the parcel for Peggy and opens it. It's a new leather watch strap that she'd obviously bought for him.


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