When Joe's plan to split Jack and Marian fails, he angrily storms off to his van, later crashing into Henry.


Henry spots Jack going upstairs at The Feathers with a woman - when he enquires who she is the receptionist tells him she is booked in as Mrs Sugden. Tom quizzes Ruth on Jack, he apologises for his behaviour in The Woolpack. He mentions she should visit Jack at the farm. Henry is quick to get Marian out of The Feathers, not wanting her to notice Jack and his wife. Tom quizzes Amos on Jack. Henry meets Amos for the first time in The Woolpack. Marian mentions to Tom that Jack is looking for a casual labourer at the farm. Joe is annoyed when he realises that Marian did not see Jack with the other woman at The Feathers. Matt figures out what his plan was. Peggy thinks Annie should be harder with Jack. In a foul mood, Joe storms off in the van. Marian mentions to Jack that she's told Tom to call up the farm for the labourer job; he also arranges a date with Marian for a drink in The Woolpack that night. Henry advises Marian to find out if Jack is married before she gets involved with him. Joe ventures to The Feathers and asks to see Jack, he finds out that he and a Mrs Sugden left earlier. He rushes off back to the van. Henry leaves for The Feathers. Marian telephones Jack at The Woolpack and informs him that there has been a terrible crash outside of Inglebrook House.


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