Annie is in a flap because she is worried that she won't finish her housework before lunchtime; she wants to go to a carpet sale. Sam has a new pair of teeth and is flashing them in the village. The Sugdens discuss the Kilnsey Show; then Jim Latimer's upcoming trial. Jack thinks that he will probably get life. Matt receives a letter from his Uncle Ben and Auntie Beattie; they want to visit and see the twins. Frank receives a letter from Dan Middleton, who has the Queens Award for Industry and wants some work doing. Frank is laid back about it, but Janie is excited. Matt is sorry that his aunt and uncle never met Peggy. He admits to Annie that he is missing her. Jack has a heated phone call with Lodz. He asks Annie to bake him some bread. Liz and Ruskin laugh about Sam's teeth. Janie visits the vicarage. She informs Ruskin and Liz about Dan's job offer. When she gets back home she finds Frank and Alison together and gets jealous even though they are only talking. Henry asks George about Alison taking on the shop. George owns the freehold on the village shop and refuses to let Alison purchase it. Mark has taken a day off work; he wants to leave Blackfell. Jim Latimer's mum, Hilda is pelted with mud by some young lads while she waits at a bus stop.


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