Frank Clayton is Vanessa Woodfield and Tracy Shankley's father.


Frank walked out on Tracy two days after returning from a holiday in Skegness in July 1998.

In August 2016, Tracy's boyfriend David Metcalfe visited Frank in prison in the hope of reuniting Frank and Tracy, so that Frank could attend his wedding to Tracy. During the visit, Frank revealed he was being released early and had written to 'Teeny' about this, which David was unaware of. Later when David returned home, he told Tracy about his visit with her dad, but Tracy denied receiving any letter, and insists her womanizing dad ruined her mum's life. Frank later contacts daughter Vanessa, mistaking her for Tracy, which confuses Vanessa when Frank asks about her impending marriage.

Episode 3695
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"Are you David? Then I'm Frank. Obviously I'd still be Frank even if you weren't David, but you get the idea." - First line.

"Half-witted and ignorant, but I can add to that, how about knuckle-dragging, neanderthalic, humanous waste of organs - oh, oh, oh, and a question - were your mother and father twins?" - to thugs Matty and Darryl right before Matty punches him in the face.

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