Hannah Barton is the youngest child of John Barton and Moira Dingle.

Hannah arrives in the village with her family, who have purchased the Sugden's former farm. She soon gets a crush on Andy Sugden, but he rejects her since she's just a teenager. It is revealed that she is being bullied via text, however she hides this from her family who have failed to realise that she is having trouble settling in, the texts she is receiving are from classmate Kayleigh Gibbs.

In January 2010, Hannah confides in Victoria Sugden, who is aware of the texts as she has been forced into sending some herself. Eventually Hannah confronts Victoria in the Woolpack loos and is hurt when Victoria admits she and Kayleigh have been sending the texts. As result to this Hannah flushes Victoria's head down the toilet. After the fight is broken up Hannah reveals she is being bullied. Months later Hannah forgives Victoria and the two girls become friends again.

In August 2010, Hannah starts a relationship with Isaac Nuttall, a student. Feeling under pressure Hannah sleeps with Isaac, but is mortified to discover their contraception had failed. Because of this and Holly's drug problem they break up.

In 2011 with the arrival of Alex Moss, who is immediately attracted to Hannah, she sleeps with him but the relationship does not last and Alex deserts Hannah the next day. Alex later turns his attention to Victoria and they start a relationship, much to Hannah's disappointment and jealousy. Victoria becomes suspicious of Alex and Hannah's behaviour and Alex admits that he seduced Hannah and then left her, but Hannah gives Victoria and Alex her blessing and the two continue their relationship.

After her father's death in February 2012, Hannah begins to work more on the farm, at the same time slipping behind with her college work. It is later revealed that she failed to turn up to some of her A-level exams. When her sister Holly goes to live in London with her friend Roz Fielding, Hannah decides she had had enough of life in Emmerdale and the bad memories there, and goes with Holly to start afresh in London. Hannah is doing charity work abroad when she hears of Holly's death; she can't cope with attending her sister's funeral, much to Adam's dismay, but she sends a holly bush. A few months later she tells Moira she also can't return for Christmas.


"Alcoholic!" - first line about Andy Sugden.

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