James Francis Tate is the only child of Frank Tate and his second wife, Kim.


Kim Tate discovered she was pregnant in early 1996, and initially decided to keep the baby, despite not knowing whether Dave Glover or Frank Tate was the father. But she later changed her mind when she was const and attempted to abort her baby by jumping off her horse, which is how she previously suffered a miscarriage. However, this failed and Kim gave birth to baby James in September 1996.

James's birth caused major controversy and a rivalry began between Dave and Kim with Frank. Frank offered Kim £1,000,000 for Kim to give him custody of James and pretend to reconcile, which she was on the verge of accepting before quickly changing her mind. Dave and Frank agreed to a DNA test, but Dave died whilst trying to save James (who he believed was his son) from a fire at Home Farm in December 1996. Kim and the Glover family were distraught when it was revealed in January 1997 that Dave was not the father. However, Kim began to express doubts about the tests, thinking Frank's money meant he could have paid for the test results to be altered. But after Frank's death in May 1997 (caused by Kim), Dave's father Ned agreed to a second DNA test, which proved James was Frank's son.

The following year Kim married Steve Marchant. Steve performed a heat-of-the-moment hit-and-run on Kathy Glover in September 1998, and Kim put all the blame on Steve. In January 1999, she escaped with James in a helicopter to avoid being arrested.

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