Jessie Grant is the headteacher at Connelton Primary School.

Rhona Goskirk was supposed to meet with Jessie in November 2017 to discuss the redundancy of her son's teaching assistant, Chris Greenway. Rhona was left fuming about Leo's step-father Paddy Kirk missing the meeting, so Paddy and Leo's father Marlon Dingle decided to meet with Jessie at The Woolpack without Rhona's knowledge. Rhona stormed in covered in manure, thinking Paddy was on a date instead of helping at the Vets Surgery, and ended up flinging manure all over Paddy and Jessie. Rhona was mortified to discover Jessie was the headteacher, but during another meeting at the school the next day, Jessie offered to put that behind them.

Episode 3695
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  • Jessie is a christian and regularly attends church.


"He's credit to you both. Jessie Grant." - First line to Paddy Kirk and Marlon Dingle.

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