Kelli Hollis
Kelli Hollis, born in 1967 in Leeds is a British actress, best known for playing Tina Crabtree in the three Channel 4 related films, shop owner Yvonne Karib in Shameless and most recently known for portraying lesbian Ali Spencer in Emmerdale.

Hollis played Melanie Say in Emmerdale in 2002, portraying Yvonne Karib in Shameless during six years, starting in 2004. She also played the character of Tina Crabtree in two television dramas, Tina Goes Shopping (1999) and Tina Takes a Break (2001), and a cinema-released feature film called Mischief Night, all three of which were directed by Penny Woolcock.

Additionally, Hollis appeared in two episodes of the television series Dalziel and Pascoe, as the character Bridget Croft. She also appeared in BBC1 drama Waterloo Road, as Chantel and as Anne West in the TV film See No Evil about the Moors Murders.

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