Leo Goskirk is the son of Marlon Dingle and Rhona Goskirk and half-brother of April Windsor.


2010-2015: Conception and Early lifeEdit

Shortly after she left Marlon for his best friend Paddy Kirk, Rhona found out that she was pregnant with Marlon's baby. Marlon initially refused to be a part of the baby's life and didn't attend Rhona's first scan. In mid December 2010, Rhona was informed that her baby was likely to have Down syndrome, and the tests the following day confirmed this. Rhona was initially unsure whether or not to keep the baby, but Marlon came round and persuaded her to keep their baby. Rhona, Marlon and Paddy decided that the three of them would bring up the baby together.

Leo's birth

Rhona and Marlon with newborn Leo.

On 30th May 2011, Rhona went into labour after being being accidentally pushed over by Adam Barton, who was fighting with Aaron Livesy. Marlon accompanied Rhona to the hospital where she gave birth to a baby boy. They decided to name their son Leo, and he was christened in St. Mary's Church with Aaron and Laurel Thomas as his godparents.

Paddy was offered a job in New Zealand in 2012, and Paddy, Rhona and Marlon planned on starting a new life there with baby Leo. However, Marlon changed his mind due to his new relationship with Laurel. Paddy and Rhona still intended to move to New Zealand without Marlon, but he couldn't face losing his son. Marlon took out a court injunction to stop them taking Leo out of the country. After Paddy and Marlon were arrested for fighting in the street, Rhona took Leo to New Zealand, breaking the injunction in the process. She soon brought Leo back.

In 2013, Rhona became increasingly dependent on prescription drugs after she hurt her back. She began to neglect Leo, so Marlon took Leo away from Rhona until she got clean. Marlon's ex-wife Donna Windsor reappeared in the village with Marlon's daughter April Windsor, Leo's half-sister. Marlon internally refused to be part of her life, but Rhona persuaded him to allow Leo to get to know his sister, as long as they didn't know they were siblings. Marlon soon came round and accepted April as his daughter. In July 2015, Robert Sugden threatened Leo and Rhona after Paddy nearly revealed Aaron and Robert's affair to Robert's wife Chrissie Sugden.

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