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A list of births, pregnancies, abortions and miscarriages which have featured in Emmerdale storylines since 1972.

Also listed are pregnancies involving characters who had left the series by the time of the birth. Note that the list only includes pregnancies which are known to have been carried to term, through references or return appearances in later episodes.


Name Mother Father Birth Date
1 Sam Skilbeck Peggy Skilbeck Matt Skilbeck 10th April 1973
2 Sally Skilbeck Peggy Skilbeck Matt Skilbeck 10th April 1973
3 Baby Oswell Sarah Oswell Ray Oswell 15th August 1977
4 Samuel Skilbeck Dolly Skilbeck Matt Skilbeck 23rd December 1982
5 Robert Sugden Pat Sugden Jack Sugden 22nd April 1986
6 Peter Whiteley Lynn Whiteley Pete Whiteley 28th August 1990
7 Alice Bates Elsa Chappell Nick Bates 14th February 1991
8 Victoria Sugden Sarah Sugden Jack Sugden 31st March 1994
9 Joseph Tate Rachel Hughes Chris Tate 8th June 1995
10 James Tate Kim Tate Frank Tate 24th September 1996
11 Geri Cairns Emma Cairns Greg Cox 31st March 1997
12 Belle Dingle Lisa Dingle Zak Dingle 25th December 1998
13 Kirk Daggert Latisha Daggert Paul Cooke 9th July 2001
14 Gabrielle Thomas Bernice Blackstock Ashley Thomas 25th December 2001
15 Jean Tate Zoe Tate Scott Windsor 24th January 2003
16 TJ Woods Dawn Woods Terry Woods 19th October 2003
17 Noah Tate Charity Dingle Chris Tate 1st March 2004
18 Sarah Sugden Debbie Dingle Andy Sugden 6th June 2005
19 Samson Dingle Alice Dingle Sam Dingle 12th January 2006
20 Cathy Hope Viv Hope Bob Hope 9th February 2007
21 Heath Hope Viv Hope Bob Hope 9th February 2007
22 Arthur Doland Laurel Dingle Ashley Thomas 26th August 2007
23 Daniel Thomas Melanie Doland Greg Doland 26th August 2007
24 Harry Hyde Perdita Hyde-Sinclair
Katie Sugden (Surrogate mother)
Grayson Sinclair 22nd July 2008
25 Angelica King Nicola King Jimmy King 6th August 2009
26 Leo Goskirk Rhona Goskirk Marlon Dingle 30th May 2011
27 Kyle Wyatt Amy Wyatt Cain Dingle 1st December 2011
28 Jack Sugden Debbie Dingle Andy Sugden 17th October 2012
29 Molly Sharma Gennie Walker Nikhil Sharma 17th October 2012
30 Archie Breckle Rachel Breckle Jai Sharma 13th December 2012
31 Amba Metcalfe Priya Sharma David Metcalfe 16th May 2014
32 Carl Holliday Juliette Holliday Jimmy King 7th October 2014
33 Moses Dingle Charity Dingle Ross Barton 11th June 2015
34 Johnny Woodfield Vanessa Woodfield Kirin Kotecha 11th September 2015
35 Eliza Macey Megan Macey Jai Sharma 3rd March 2016
36 Dotty Thomas Laurel Thomas Ashley Thomas 2nd September 2016
37 Isaac Dingle Moira Dingle Cain Dingle 2nd October 2017
38 Sebastian White Rebecca White Robert Sugden 9th November 2017

Off-screen PregnanciesEdit

Name Mother Father Birth Date
Elliot Windsor Kelly Windsor Jimmy King 2008
April Windsor Donna Windsor Marlon Dingle 13th August 2009


No Name Baby's father Date
1 Dolly Skilbeck Charlie Aindow 14th February 1991
2 Siobhan Marsden Ronnie Marsden 14th October 2003
3 Jasmine Thomas Cain Dingle 7th August 2006
4 Kelly Windsor Jimmy King 3rd August 2007
5 Gemma Andrews Sean Spencer 13th June 2013
6 Charity Macey Declan Macey 20th May 2014
7 Kerry Wyatt Unknown 6th October 2016


No Name Baby's father Date
1Dolly SkilbeckMatt Skilbeck7th February 1980
2Dolly SkilbeckMatt Skilbeck14th November 1985
3Kathy MerrickJackie Merrick26th April 1989
4Kate SugdenJoe Sugden15th May 1990
5Kim TateFrank Tate11th June 1992
6 Linda Fowler Biff Fowler 15th July 1997
7Kelly WindsorBiff Fowler24th March 1998
8 Kelly Glover Scott Windsor 18th January 2000
9Bernice ThomasAshley Thomas18th April 2001
10Katie AddymanAndy Sugden20th September 2002
11Perdita Hyde-SinclairGrayson Sinclair17th September 2006
12Perdita Hyde-SinclairGrayson Sinclair5th April 2007
13Lexi KingCarl King30th June 2009
14Debbie DingleCameron Murray23rd June 2011
15Moira BartonCain Dingle18th April 2013
16Ruby HaswellDan Spencer7th January 2014
17Nicola KingJimmy King29th December 2014

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