A list of all character deaths that have featured in Emmerdale's storylines.

Emmerdale has been noted for its frequent and dramatic deaths. A plane crash in 1993 that killed all the passengers and four characters was watched by 17 million viewers, and doubled subsequent ratings.

No. Date Character Cause
1 30th January 1973 Sharon Crossthwaite Strangled by Jim Latimer
2 20th February 1973 Ian 'Trash' McIntyre Cervical fracture caused by falling out a window.
3 16th July 1973Peggy Skilbeck Brain haemorrhage
420th January 1975Wally LummPneumonia
5 13th January 1976 Sam Skilbeck Car accident
6 13th January 1976 Sally Skilbeck Car accident
7 13th January 1976 Beattie Dowton Car accident
8 1976 Bella Ryland Cancer
9 21st June 1977 Jim Gimbel Suicide by gunshot
10 September 1978 George Verney Natural causes
11 17th April 1979 Unknown rapist of Wendy Hotson Hit by Motorbike
12 8th May 1980 Harry Moore Heart attack
13 19th February 1981 Enoch Tolly Tractor accident
14 27th November 1984 Sam Pearson Natural causes
15 23rd January 1986 Harry Mowlam Murdered by Derek Warner
16 26th August 1986 Pat Sugden Car accident
17 5th November 1987 Mr. Metcalfe Natural causes
18 24th November 1988 Stephen Fuller Hit by a falling tree
19 6th July 1989 Denis Rigg Gored by a bull
20 16th August 1989 Jackie Merrick Accidental gunshot wound
21 16th August 1990 Pete Whiteley Run over by Kate Sugden
22 1st January 1991 Paolo Rosetti Shot by unknown assailant
23 30th July 1991 Bill Whiteley Natural causes
24 3rd October 1991 Henry Wilks Heart attack
25 2nd February 1993 Meg Armstrong Stroke
26 November 1993 Wally Eagleton Unknown
27 30th December 1993 Mark Hughes Crushed by falling wall in plane crash
28 30th December 1993 Elizabeth Pollard Struck by falling debris during plane crash
29 30th December 1993 Archie Brooks Incinerated by a fireball during plane crash
30 30th December 1993 Leonard Kempinski Car accident during plane crash
31 31st May 1994 Simmy Shot by Reg Dawson
32 7th June 1994 Shirley Turner Shot by Reg Dawson
33 7th June 1994 Reg Dawson Shot by police marksman
34 9th August 1994 Ben Dingle Heart defect
35 13th December 1994 Alice Wood Natural causes
36 6th June 1995 Joe Sugden Car accident
37 1st August 1995 Luke McAllister Car accident
38 11th April 1996 Jed Connell Shot by Nick Bates while poaching
39 22nd August 1996 Granny Hopwood Heart attack
40 26th December 1996 Dave Glover Injuries sustained from fire at Home Farm.
41 8th May 1997 Ron Hudson Huntington's disease
42 23rd May 1997 Frank Tate Heart attack
43 30th July 1997 Kate Sugden Brain haemorrhage
44 21st October 1997 Linda Fowler Car accident
45 20th November 1998 Lord Alex Oakwell Fell off a roof
46 25th December 1998 Vic Windsor From injuries sustained after falling against a fridge cabinet during robbery.
47 11th May 1999 Rachel Hughes Pushed off cliff by Graham Clark
48 11th November 1999 Liam Hammond Shot by Zoe Tate
49 18th February 2000 Graham Clark Car accident
50 20th March 2000 Pete Collins Bus crash
51 20th March 2000 Patricia Holmes Bus crash
52 20th March 2000 Bob Simmons Bus crash
53 24th March 2000 Butch Dingle Injuries sustained from the bus crash
54 16th November 2000 Sarah Sugden Barn fire started by Andy Sugden
55 10th September 2001 Jean Strickland Run over by Marc Reynolds
5617th January 2002Barbara KirkNatural causes
57 1st July 2002 Tony Bell Stabbed by Ray Mullan
589th September 2002Harry PartridgeHeart attack
59 16th September 2002 Edith Weatherall Natural causes
60 22nd November 2002 DC Adrien Collins Car accident
61 22nd November 2002 Angie Reynolds Car accident
62 17th December 2002 Jedediah Dingle Natural causes
63 26th December 2002 Ray Mullan Hit with a vase in self-defense by Louise Appleton
64 17th September 2003 Chris Tate Suicide by poisoning himself
65 8th January 2004 Tricia Dingle Internal injuries sustained from being crushed by falling bricks
66 6th July 2004 Paul Marsden Fell off a roof
67 24th November 2004 Roger Dyson Heart attack
68 17th March 2005 Shelley Williams Drowned
69 2nd October 2005 Max King Car explosion
70 30th October 2005 Seth Armstrong Heart attack
71 27th February 2006 Brian Addyman Car accident
72 13th April 2006 Terence Turner Struck over the head with a fire extinguisher by Adam Forsythe
73 13th July 2006 Noreen Bell House collapse
74 13th July 2006 David Brown House collapse
75 13th July 2006 Dawn Woods House collapse
76 31st July 2006 Alice Dingle Assisted suicide; morphine overdose administered by Sam Dingle
77 12th November 2006 Adam Forsythe Suicide by hanging
78 25th December 2006 Tom King Pushed out of a window by Carl King
79 17th May 2007 Len Reynolds Heart attack
80 1st August 2007 Colin McFarlane Natural causes
81 27th September 2007 DCI Grace Barraclough Run over
82 25th December 2007 Rosemary King Suicide by gunshot
83 21st February 2008 Daniel Thomas Cot death
84 18th November 2008 Donald De Souza Heart attack
85 1st December 2008 Shane Doyle Bludgeoned with a chair leg by Jasmine Thomas
86 16th December 2008 Matthew King Car accident
87 5th February 2009 Jack Sugden Heart attack
88 12th January 2010 Mark Wylde Shot by Natasha Wylde
89 23rd July 2010 Shadrach Dingle Drowned
90 13th January 2011 Viv Hope Fire started by Nick Henshall
91 13th January 2011 Terry Woods Fire started by Nick Henshall
92 17th February 2011 Nick Henshall Suicide by gunshot
93 7th June 2011 Jackson Walsh Assisted suicide
94 8th November 2011 Mia Macey Car accident
95 16th February 2012 John Barton Car accident
96 17th October 2012 Carl King Hit with a brick by Cameron Murray
97 24th December 2012 Alex Moss Murdered by Cameron Murray
98 25th July 2013 Genesis Walker Suffocated by Cameron Murray
99 17th October 2013 Cameron Murray Electrocuted
100 24th October 2013 Alan Turner Natural causes
101 4th March 2014 Gemma Andrews Brain death
102 14th August 2014 Donna Windsor Jumped from multi-storey car park
103 14th August 2014 Gary North Fell from multi-storey car park whilst handcuffed to Donna Windsor
104 25th September 2014 Robbie Lawson Accidentally hit by flare fired by Declan Macey
105 5th February 2015 Katie Sugden Fell through rotten floorboards after being pushed by Robert Sugden
10616th July 2015Hilary PottsHeart problems
1074th August 2015Ruby HaswellInjuries in stomach from debris after a helicopter crashed into the village hall
1084th August 2015Val PollardHit by a falling shard of glass in the mirror maze due to the helicopter explosion at the village hall
1094th August 2015Unknown helicopter pilotHelicopter crash at the village hall
1103rd September 2015SuzieHeart Attack
11111th February 2016Tess HarrisRan over by Kirin Kotecha
1123rd May 2016Edna BirchOvarian cancer
11312th May 2016Gordon LivesySuicide by hanging
11418th May 2016DylanLung infection
11529th September 2016Holly BartonHeroin overdose
11617th October 2016James BartonInjuries sustained after falling off a bridge
11730th January 2017Joanie DingleCardiac Arrest
1187th April 2017Ashley ThomasPneumonia
1195th October 2017Finn BartonCardiac arrest after accidentally being shot in the stomach by Emma Barton
1205th October 2017Emma BartonJumped off the Hotten Viaduct

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