Alex inherits Oakwell Hall at a young age and becomes engaged to family friend, Tara Cockburn. He meets Kim Tate and is attracted to her. Kim pursues Alex and invests in his stud farm business. They have an affair and Alex shows a lot of interest in Kim, even after he marries Tara. Alex develops a substance abuse problem. During a party at Home Farm, Kim catches him taking cocaine. Alex flirts and dances with Linda Fowler and he offers to drive her home. Due to the cocaine and alcohol he had consumed, Alex crashes the car into a tree. Seeing Linda is unconscious, Alex moves her to the driver's seat and kisses her goodbye. He then flees the area. Alex returns the following year and holds Steve Marchant, Biff Fowler and Ned Glover hostage. In a plan to destroy Alex, Tara agrees to leave with him but he steals her jewellery and leaves without her.

Linda's younger brother, Roy, later learns Alex has resurfaced in London and using name Sinclair in the hotel. Roy and an undercover police officer find Alex and chase him. Roy and Alex, but while trying to climb a ladder, Alex drops his gun which Roy picks up and follows Alex to the roof and aims it at him, but Alex doesn't watch his step and slips off the roof, grabbing a ledge. Ignoring his pleas to help him, Roy leaves Alex who eventually loses grip and falls onto the concrete below. The police officer comes up with a story to save Roy going to prison.

His death appears in Emmerdale: Revenge.

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