Luke Bernard James McAllister was the son of Bernard and Angharad McAllister and brother to Jessica McAllister.

In his first year at Emmerdale Luke was simply a nice but naive character, however come 1994, his life in the Dales would take a turn for the worse.

On 9th August 1994, the Dingle family arrived in Emmerdale, and on that very night during a rave, Ben Dingle started a fight with Luke, during which Ben inexplicably died. The rest of the Dingles believed that Ben had been murdered and proceeded to make Luke's life a living hell. It eventually emerged, however, that Ben was suffering from a heart defect. The Dingles refused to believe this however, theorising that the McAllisters had managed to hide evidence, considering that one of the doctors who examined Ben's body was Luke's father.

A family feud between the Dingles and the McAllisters had officially begun. In early 1995, Luke fell, ironically, for Ben's sister Tina after meeting her at a dance. She revealed she was pregnant, much to the dismay of both families. They agreed to marry on 20th July 1995, and just as it seemed that Luke was finally going to have a happy ending, Tina revealed to him and the wedding guests that she did not love him at all, there was no baby, and this was all in aid of revenge for Ben.

Luke was left badly damaged by all this, and Tina made things worse by insulting him until he snapped, shoved Tina into Dave Glover's van and took her for an insane ride around Emmerdale. She jumped from the van just before Luke lost control of it and crashed into a wall. The van exploded, killing him instantly.

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"You started it!" - Final line to Tina Dingle.

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