Ned Glover is the patriarch of the Glover family.


Ned first appeared in 1994. He married his wife Jan in 1971 and had three children: Dave, in 1973, Linda, in 1978 and Roy, in 1980. Ned had known the Sugden family for years and helped them out on their farm, indicating that he had lived in the village before. In October 1994 , he was challenged by his old adversary Zak Dingle to a bare-knuckle fist fight and won. Jan left the village in 1998 after she and Ned split up, with Ned following a year later. By the time he originally left the village in 1999, he had already lost two of his three children, Dave in a fire at Home Farm in December 1996 and Linda in a car crash in October 1997. This had caused his marriage breakdown. Ned left the village to run a bar in Ibiza with an old girlfriend, Dawn Wilkins. Ned returned in July 2000 for his son Roy's leaving storyline. Ned comes back to the village to celebrate his 53rd birthday. He offers Roy and his wife Kelly the chance to come with him. Roy ends his marriage and goes to Ibiza alone with Ned.

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