Nell Fairfax is a young woman Jai Sharma met at a Narcotics Anonymous meeting in the village hall in late March 2017. Jai talked about his late girlfriend Holly Barton and how he blamed himself for her death. When Nell told the group her story, Jai drew parallels between Nell and Holly.

After the meeting, Nell approached Jai and thanked him for being encouraging. Jai noticed Nell shivering so offered her his coat. Nell told Jai that Holly would be proud of him. Later, Jai found his coat at the village hall but noticed his wallet was missing. He went chasing after Nell who denied stealing the wallet, but handed it over after Jai threatened to call the police. Jai took Nell for lunch at The Woolpack and they talked. Nell thanked Jai for the meal and for not calling the police. Nell managed to track Jai down the following day. She hoped he'd give her money but Jai refused as he wasn't able to trust her.

A few weeks later, Nell had an overdosed and reached out to Jai. Jai collected Nell from the hospital and allowed her to stay at Holdgate Farm, although Jai's sister Priya wasn't happy will Nell around her young daughter Amba, so Nell left. Jai brought Nell back and offered her a job at his factory and to pay for her to stay at the B&B for a few weeks. Nell accepted Jai's offer after he explained he wanted to help like he couldn't with Holly.

After Jai's ex-wife Megan Macey accidentally left baby Eliza in her car while she rushed off to a meeting, Nell spotted Eliza and took her up to the factory. Megan was fuming at Nell, but Jai wanted to talk things out. At the park, they had a heart to heart and Jai asked Nell why she felt compelled to intervene with Eliza. Nell revealed her baby daughter Rosie was taken away from her due to her heroin addiction and that she was worried the same thing would happen to Eliza if social services got involved.

Jai and Nell then started to begin a relationship, clandestinely at first, because of everyone's imminent disapproval and Megan's ban on Jai seeing Nell. Everyone soon found out, and after an argument, Megan finally agreed that Jai should see who he wants. After wanting to take things slow and asking her to move out, Jai found Nell slitting her wrists and let her stay in his spare room.

After this incident, Jai asks Nell to stay with her at Holdgate Farm and their relationship remains public. Nell overhears half a conversation between Moira and Jai where Jai says that Nell has "baggage" but that he is falling in love with her. Nell goes hysterical and tries to walk out on Jai. When Jai explains the whole conversation, they reconcile.

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