Peter Kerry is a British writer of radio and television drama. Peter co-created the children's comedy series Big Meg, Little Meg for CITV in 1999. Peter has also written scripts for radio including long running series The Archers, and has dramatised two E. Nesbit novels (The Magic City and The Story of the Treasure Seekers), as well as Terry Pratchett's The Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents and the comic Don Camillo stories of Giovanni Guareschi.

Since 2001, Peter Kerry has written 230 episodes of Emmerdale.

Episodes Written by Peter KerryEdit


2001 (13 episodes) Edit

2002 (13 episodes) Edit

2003 (14 episodes) Edit

2004 (14 episodes) Edit

2005 (18 episodes) Edit

2006 (15 episodes) Edit

2007 (15 episodes) Edit

2008 (15 episodes) Edit

2009 (13 episodes) Edit


2010 (16 episodes) Edit

2011 (13 episodes) Edit

2012 (13 episodes) Edit

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2017 (12 episodes)Edit

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