Portugal is a country in Western Europe.

In 2001, Jason Kirk left the village for a job in Portugal. The next year he returned to convince his friend Latisha Daggert and her mother Cynthia Daggert to join them. Toni Daggert moved to the village from there in 2005. Danny Daggert moved to Portugal the next year, with Toni joining him several months later.

In 2015, Paul Lambert, who ran a bar in Portugal, visited his mother Val Pollard, and seeing how upset Alicia Metcalfe was over staying in the village, mentioned a bar for her and husband David Metcalfe to run. Alicia ultimately left with son Jacob Gallagher in September, upset because David would not come with her. Several months later, Jacob snuck back to the village, but when contacted, Alicia agreed to let him stay.