PC Terry Warren escorted Laurel Thomas and Rhona and Leo Goskirk home after Laurel was carjacked . He told Marlon Dingle that he'd radioed the car details back to the station and tried to calm them all by stating that he believes the Carjacker would have drove to a quiet place then let Laurel and Leo out of the car.

He returned later in the week to quiz Cain Dingle after being informed that he had had possession of the car. A suspect was later arrested and he visited Laurel again for her to look over an ID parade, but she could not pick out the suspect.

In March 2014, PC Warren attended Hotten General Hospital after Gemma Andrews was admitted with head injures. After Gemma's death, PC Warren talked to Gemma's friends Belle Dingle and Sean Spencer to get their version of events leading up to Gemma's death.

Though initially unnamed and credited as 'Police Officer' in the episode he appeared in, the character was referred to as PC Warren in the following episode, Episode 6601. However, when the character next appeared, in Episode 6602, he was still credited as 'Police Officer'. When PC Warren returned in 2014, he was credited as 'PC Warren' despite Harriet Finch calling him by his first name.

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