Valerie 'Val' Pollard (née Lambert) was the straight-talking, naturally flamboyant younger sister of Diane. Never one to mince words, Val would tell it like it is - and sometimes would tell it like it isn’t, should that turn out to be more interesting! Always eager to get a rise out of folk, Val had an acid tongue which usually got her into trouble with her sister. Still, she had a big heart and cared deeply for those closest to her, woe betide all who crossed this feisty lady...



  • Val arrives at the Woolpack, Diane isn’t exactly pleased to see her but can’t help but be concerned when she sees Val’s bruised face.
  • During a blazing row with Rodney , Val reveals that he is Paul’s father, resulting in Paul punching Rodney.


  • Val and Bob head back to the B&B for a night of passion. Val reveals her fantasy about Tarzan and Jane and a nervous Bob makes jungle noises.


  • Desperately struggling to stop smoking Val decides she will try to implement the smoking ban early in the Woolpack to decrease temptation. This doesn’t go down well with the regulars.


  • After finally admitting that her eyesight is impaired by her cataracts Val is forced to miss the stunt flight to have them removed.
  • Agrees to be held hostage by the Dingles for ransom on the day of her wedding to Pollard ; angry that he has planned it all around the village fair to make it cheaper, they eventually make up and get married.


  • In typical Val fashion she organises a party for her son Paul’s divorce. He is not impressed; especially by the group of male dancers ‘The Pussycat Boys’ she has booked.
  • Having been thrown out by Pollard, Val pretends she has gone to Australia; she is really hiding out at the B&B. When Pollard heads to Australia to reconcile their differences she has to rush to the airport to stop him.
  • Excited about their new venture with the B&B, Val and Pollard get frisky in one of the bedrooms only for Terry to walk in on them!


  • Pollard reveals to her that Olena is working in the country illegally but Val is only concerned with the standard of her work.
  • Worried about the effect of Terry’s anger towards Pollard she convinces Terry to go easy on him for the sake of Pollard's health.
  • The Pollards buy Terry's share of the B&B and move in, selling Farrars Barn to David and Leyla.


  • The Pollards officially foster Amy.
  • Val is thrilled when Eric surprises her by buying one of the Sharmas' new barn conversions so they now have a proper home.
  • Val and Eric are horrified when they learn Amy has had a baby, alone, when they didn't even know she was pregnant.


  • Val learns she is HIV positive after a fling in Portugal.


  • In August 2015, Val and Diane Sugden are trapped in a hall of mirrors when a helicopter crashes into the village hall due to an explosion. The helicopter later explodes and the hall of mirrors collapses. After Diane is freed out of the rubble, a shard of glass impales Val and kills her instantly. Her family find a DVD detailing her funeral plans, and a few home truths.


"Hello Diane. You'll never believe it but I was.." (first line to Diane Blackstock)

"Sister? You're like a disapproving mother-in-law since the moment I walked into this place!" (During an argument with sister Diane)

"I'm H-I-Val. I'm Valerie Pollard of the Valerie Pollard foundation. I'm Val." (just before being killed by a shard of mirror)

"Bon voyage, my little Napoleon." (to Eric Pollard as a ghost in a vision)

"Thanks for dreaming about us, ya perv." (to Robert Sugden as a ghost in his dream)

Blimey, you give up easily. Half a day without a job and you're sticking your head in the oven. You do know it's electric right?
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