Wishing Well Cottage is a house owned by The Dingle family, next door to Holdgate Farm Many family members over the years have lived at the Cottage either temporally for an extended period.

Wishing Well Cottage was originally a barn, apart of Holdgate Farm, and was rented out to the Dingles by Mr Holdgate. When Mr Holdgate died in September 1995, Frank Tate, who had bought Holdgate Farm, tried to evict the Dingles, as he technically owned the house. In December 1995, the house became unattached to Holdgate Farm.

After Debbie Dingle moved out in early 2006, the Dingle's transformed her old bedroom into a self contained flat to give Sam and Alice their own space with and their newborn son Samson. Joanie Wright and Kyle Winchester used to stay in the flat, before the Lisa Dingle kicked them out because of Joanie's affair with Lisa's husband Zak. Belle Dingle lived in the flat with her older boyfriend Jermaine Bailey until he left her a year later. Currently, Cain Dingle and Kyle Winchester live in the flat.




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